Initially for patients with periodontitis a procedure called scaling and root planing is performed to remove harmful bacteria and other deposits from your teeth and below your gums. This gives your body the chance to heal and slows the progression of gum disease.

Other treatment that we provide include:

  • For people with more advanced gum disease we can reduce the 'pockets' around your teeth (Pocket Reduction/Flap Procedures) or grow back lost bone with advanced techniques (Periodontal Regeneration).
  • For people with gum recession or if you don't like the way your gums look under your bridge, we can replace the lost gum tissue (Soft Tissue Grafting/Periodontal Plastic Surgery)
  • If you feel that you have too much gum showing or your dentist needs your tooth extended so he or she can place a filling or a cap or crown, we can expose your natural teeth or extend your tooth so your dentist can restore it back to its normal contours (Esthetic Gingival Sculpting and Crown Extension).
  • If you have lost a tooth, several teeth, or all of your teeth, we can place dental implants. With today's advances in the science and practice of implant dentistry, almost any tooth can be successfully replaced, functioning and looking like your natural teeth.
  • If your bone has atrophied and you desire a dental implant, or you don't like the way your gums look below your bridge, with advanced techniques we can usually correct these concerns or problems (Ridge Augmentation).
  • If you desire dental implants to replace missing back teeth on your upper jaw and the bone has atrophied in that area, we can make the bone bigger with advanced techniques (Sinus Augmentation).
  • If you have tissues in your mouth that do not appear normal and do not respond to standard treatment methods, we can take a small sample of tissue to send for evaluation (Soft or Hard Tissue Biopsy).